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My Current Guilt-Free 3


Did y’all think I disappeared?  I’m still here. Don’t you fret!

I think I owe you all an updated GF3. I honestly can’t even remember the last time I did one. August maybe? So since then, I’ve had a nugget and my tastes haven’t necessarily changed, but I am struggling with this a little bit.

It’s no secret that I’ve gone after the burly, brawny men. Bigger guys, manly, sometimes with a gut (I love you, Chris Pratt pre-superhero status). Part of me is wildly attracted to Nick Offerman. I don’t know.

And then things happen. Things like Harry Styles finding his way into my life. And at first I was disgusted. I mean, come on. A dude with skinny jeans whose sprinkled in tattoos like a careless cupcake that fell into a pile of sprinkles. But I’ll be damned, he’s in my Guilt-Free 3 right now. I DON’T WANT HIM TO BE. But I also can’t help myself.

So here we go:

#1 – Harry Styles

Seriously, please don’t judge me. I really can’t help it. I don’t know what it is about him. I hate men in skinny jeans. I hate super skinny men. I hate careless tattoos. But I love boy bands. And I love long hair. And I love those eyes and that smile and the goofy guy I assume he is. I love the fact that he probably calls people “love.” I honest to goodness couldn’t sing you a 1D song. All I know is that I love Harry.

And this is admitting a lot – but I also love the dirty dark Harry that shows up in the fanfiction I find (DON’T JUDGE ME).  Never mind, judge me. Because I must be stopped. STOP READING FANFICTION. YOU ARE 30 YEARS OLD.  Harry was born in 1991. I’m Dirty & 30. I’m going to shut up now.

One Direction Performs On NBC's "Today"

#2 – Scott Eastwood

If you follow my other blog, you know that I just wrote a scathing review about The Longest Ride and what a terrible move it is. The only thing that kept me looking (at least until halfway through the movie when I walked out) was Scott Eastwood and that killer smile. So he is still welcome in my GF3…so long as he doesn’t try to act.



#3 – Jake Johnson

Weird, right? Kinda weird? I don’t know. After watching New Girl  and Drinking Buddies (obsessively, might I add), I am all about this dude. I like that he’s not ripped. I like that he’s a little dirty and that he has a beard and likes beer. Maybe this isn’t weird. Maybe this one makes more sense than anything.



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Guilt-Free 3 – #4


It’s been awhile since I updated my Guilt-Free 3, and these pregnancy hormones have created a trend in the latest guys.  Tall, big, blonde. RAWR.

So without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, here is my latest GF3:

#1 – Chris Hemsworth

You didn’t really think I was getting rid of him, right? And he fits the description:  tall, big, blonde.  Again, I say to you, RAWR.


#2 – Chris Pratt

I even found him adorable as a chubby Parks & Rec guy…but holy crap.


#3 –  Scott Eastwood

Where can I find you, Scott? I could learn to sail. I could. I swear.



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