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Guilt-Free 3 – 90s TigerBeat/Bop Edition


“Where have you been?!” you ask?

Well, I’ve been baking a baby. ūüôā I found out I’m pregnant on March 3 and then I was sick for two months, and now my libido is back and it’s time for a new Guilt-Free 3!

We all read TigerBeat and Bop and Teen Beat and¬†16¬†magazine (well, we did if we were teenage girls or young gay men) and some of us (ahem me) bought them well into my late teens with some sort of transparent remark in the checkout line about how I was picking it up for my little sister (which I do not have). Holy parentheses. ¬†Do you remember the joy we all experienced when it was a “Super Special Issue”?


But who am I kidding? When the Backstreet Boys are on the cover and you haven’t gotten a new Nick Pic in a week, you’ll sacrifice your dignity and pick up a teenybopper magazine even if you’re 17 19 21. ¬†Shut up.

So here’s a Guilt-Free 3 dedicated to the beauty that was the Boys of Teenybopper Magazines. I’ll exclude boybands because OBVIOUSLY they would have dominated this thing, and because there were so many classy, beautiful young men in the 90s, I’ll even throw in some honorable mentions.

PLEASE NOTE:  This makes me feel like a pedophile at 29 years old, and HOLY BOWL CUTS.

#1 –¬†Jonathan Brandis


#2 –¬†Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT)


#3 Р Joey Lawrence


Honorable Mention #1 – Andrew Keegan


Honorable Mention #2 – Devon Sawa


Honorable Mention #3 – Rider Strong



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Guilt-Free 3 – JO(H)N Edition


No, this edition of the Guilt-Free 3 does not belong to a John…and it’s not just 3 people, either. ¬†This is a tribute to all the Hot Jo(h)ns out there. ¬†Can you imagine a Guilt-Free 3 made up of men of the same name? ¬†Yum. ¬†I’m open to adding more Johns! ¬†Leave them in the comments or send them to me directly.

How am I to pick only 3?!

#1 – John Stamos

Tell me you don’t love Uncle Jesse. ¬†Tell me you don’t like Oikos. ¬†Tell me you don’t love John Stamos. ¬†Pretty sure it happened during the “Kokomo” video for me. ¬†Love me a man in a pink tank top.


#2 – Jon Bon Jovi

There are no words. ¬†There are NO words. ¬†Jon, you’ll always hold a special place in my heart (and my loins) so long as you’re holding that sheet.


#3 – John Travolta (Grease era)

John Travolta is pretty creepy now.  But back in the day?  Mmhmm.


#4 – Johnny Depp

This is kind of a no-brainer.


#5 – John Krasinski

I miss him. ¬†John, please come back to my Guilt-Free 3. ¬†I’m sorry!


#6 – Johnny Whitworth

I don’t know who this is really, but Chelsea pointed him out to me once…and I agree that he’s one of the sexiest creatures walking the earth.


#7 – John Mayer

When I saw him, I liked it. ¬†When he outed Jessica Simpson as a “firecracker,” I loved him.


#8 – John Corbett

Aidan Shaw. ¬†Come love me. ¬†Quit doing Walgreen’s commercials, too.


#9 – John C. McGinley

I’ve always had a thing for Dr. Cox. ¬†Dude was always SUPER built. ¬†It didn’t hurt that he was a complete asshole–that’s really becoming on some men.


#10 – Jon Hamm

You drive me MAD!  (Stupid pun. Shut up.)


#11 РJohn Cougar Mellencamp  (Jack & Diane era)

I want to live in his hair here.


#12 – Johnny Knoxville

I’ve always been wildly attracted to Johnny Knoxville. I’m not proud of it.


#13 – Jon Stewart

It’s a good mix of goofy and sexy.


#14 – Jonathan Taylor Thomas

How could I forget this?!  Thanks, Matt, for reminding me.


#15 – Jonathan Brandis (RIP)

I had the biggest crush on Jonathan Brandis.  seaQuest, Ladybugs, you name it.  It was a sad day when he passed.


#16 – Jonathan Jackson

You’ve been yummy for years, Jonathan.


#17 – Jonathan Goldsmith

The most interesting (and handsome) man in the world.


#18 – John Vesely

Um, where the HELL have I been? ¬†Because this guy is hot. ¬†He’s the singer of Secondhand Serenade, and I approve of it all.


#19 – John F. Kennedy, Jr.

I think most Johns have good hair, too.

John F. Kennedy Jr


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