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An Ode to Chris Pratt


In my last Guilt-Free 3, I introduced Chris Pratt…and apparently the whole world is just as taken with him as I am.

Here’s the thing about Pratt, though. I feel like he was super adorable in Parks  & Rec…and then only Buzzfeed could explain it in the very best way.  Buzzfeed is also where I borrowed all these photos from (see real credits in Buzzfeed post).

Chris_Pratt1 Chris_Pratt2 Chris_Pratt3 Chris_Pratt4 Chris_Pratt5 Chris_Pratt6 Chris_Pratt7 Chris_Pratt8 Chris_Pratt9 Chris_Pratt10 Chris_Pratt12 Chris_Pratt13 Chris_Pratt14 Chris_Pratt15 Chris_Pratt16 Chris_Pratt17 Chris_Pratt18 Chris_Pratt19 Chris_Pratt20 Chris_Pratt21 Chris_Pratt112


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Guilt-Free 3 – #4


It’s been awhile since I updated my Guilt-Free 3, and these pregnancy hormones have created a trend in the latest guys.  Tall, big, blonde. RAWR.

So without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, here is my latest GF3:

#1 – Chris Hemsworth

You didn’t really think I was getting rid of him, right? And he fits the description:  tall, big, blonde.  Again, I say to you, RAWR.


#2 – Chris Pratt

I even found him adorable as a chubby Parks & Rec guy…but holy crap.


#3 –  Scott Eastwood

Where can I find you, Scott? I could learn to sail. I could. I swear.



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