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Guilt-Free 3 – #4


It’s been awhile since I updated my Guilt-Free 3, and these pregnancy hormones have created a trend in the latest guys.  Tall, big, blonde. RAWR.

So without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, here is my latest GF3:

#1 – Chris Hemsworth

You didn’t really think I was getting rid of him, right? And he fits the description:  tall, big, blonde.  Again, I say to you, RAWR.


#2 – Chris Pratt

I even found him adorable as a chubby Parks & Rec guy…but holy crap.


#3 –  Scott Eastwood

Where can I find you, Scott? I could learn to sail. I could. I swear.



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Guilt-Free Three – Roger D.’s Edition


To follow in Matt’s footsteps, Roger has taken two approaches to the Guilt-Free 3 and offered his female picks, as well as his male picks.  Let’s get it on!

#1 – Brooklyn Decker


#2 – Charlize Theron


#3 –  Candace Bailey


And now for Roger’s Men!

Man Crush #1 – Josh Turner

Meh… 😉


Man Crush #2 – Chris Hemsworth



Man Crush #3 – James Franco

What the hell is with you two?

James Franco


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Guilt-Free 3 – #3


Based on a recent Buzzfeed quiz, it occurs to me that Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson in Dawson’s Creek) and I have been soul mates since the show aired.



Because trust me.  I freaking love me some Joshua Jackson…but now who do I boot from the Guilt-Free 3?

#1 – Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth, you’re still safe. Blame it on your hair, your lips, your eyebrows, your forearms, your accent, your general EVERYTHING.

Chris Hemsworth

Exploding Ovaries

(If I get pregnant…can my ovaries still explode?)

And now the hard part…  Um…John Krasinski.  you’ve got an honorable member of my GF3. You are funny and sexy and I feel like I could spend a lifetime with you and fall in love with you and never be bored with you EVER.  Unfortunately, that’s not what the Guilt-Free 3 is about.  The Guilt-Free 3 is all carnal.

Which brings me to Tim Riggins…I mean, Taylor Kitsch.  Sure, you may not have a lot going on upstairs (I’m judging this based on your character as Tim Riggins and your recent movie choices of Battleship and John Carter), but dear God can the sheet sight of you make a girl sweat.

In this case, I believe that I must keep the carnal choice and respectfully retire John Krasinski.  Please don’t think this doesn’t hurt, John.  I will miss you dearly.

#2 – Taylor Kitsch

You got lucky, Riggins.  REAL lucky.

Taylor Kitsch

#3 – Joshua Jackson

So welcome, Joshua Jackson/Pacey Witter.  I don’t think you’ll be here long, so enjoy it while you can.  I already feel bad getting rid of Johnny K.  But I have to get you out of my system, so you’re in.



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Guilt-Free 3 – Brittani’s Edition


When you can find a great wedding photographer, you’re incredibly lucky.  When she becomes a friend, you can call yourself downright blessed. 🙂  Brittani shot our wedding and she’s such a cool chick.  I wish I didn’t live 3 hours away from her!

Plus, posting her GF3 gets some guys back on my site.  Hallelujah!

#1 – Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

#2 – Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

#3 – Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler


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Guilt-Free 3 – #2


I’ve changed up my Guilt-Free 3 for the day. 🙂  Enjoy!

#1 – Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth, you fertile sonofabitch!  One darling daughter and now twins on the way?!  You, I…  I’ll have your babies.

Chris Hemsworth

Exploding Ovaries

#2 – John Krasinski

Damnit, John.  Damn you. You sexy, goofy son of a gun.

John Krasinski

#3 – Taylor Kitsch

I know I mentioned you on the Friday Night Lights edition…but you’ve moved up in the world, my boy.  Look at you, all chiseled and tattooed and mussed.  Come.  Here.  I will fight my cousin Britta for you.

Taylor Kitsch


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Guilt-Free 3 – #1


So I guess it’s probably about that time for my very first Guilt-Free 3 on this blog.  I’m going to keep it short so you can get the idea.

#1 – Chris Hemsworth

Chris is my staple. No one else comes close.

Chris Hemsworth

#2 – Zesty Guy

I don’t feel like I have to explain this.

Zesty Guy

#3 – Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl

Only as Chuck Bass…and only when he’s vulnerable.

Chuck Bass