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Guilt-Free 3 – Hair Metal Edition


How’s this for embarrassing?  I’m going to do a “Hair Metal” GF3…  What’s wrong with me? Lots.  I actually used to be wildly attracted to this look.  I’ve matured.  Shut up.

#1 – Jon Bon Jovi – Bon Jovi

You’ll always hold a special place in my heart, Jon.  You were the more “clean cut” of the hair metal stars, even though you tried to dirty yourself up with “Slippery When Wet.”  I always thought of you as the nice one.


#2 – Brett Michaels – Poison

I feel like I’m going to catch a disease for even putting Brett on the list…but his hair is pretty glorious, and if you look past his girlish make-up, he’s not half bad.


#3 – Joe Perry – Aerosmith

This picture actually still makes me a little…yeah, embarrassingly enough, it still makes me a little hot. Joe Perry was GORGEOUS.  Was being the operative word.  It’s a shame the way you’ve aged, good sir.



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