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Ed Westwick – Possible GF3-er?


I’ve been thinking about Ed Westwick a lot lately. I just watched Chalet Girl on Netflix and I’ve watched Gossip Girl 100 times. Every time, Ed Westwick gets me. I’m not sure I’d put him in my Guilt-Free 3, but today, I’m enjoying him. You should, too.

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Guilt Free 3 – #5


Guys…one Chris has taken the spot of another. Chris Hemsworth has been letting me down lately. He’s not around! I mean, I know he’s got a toddler daughter and twin sons. He’s busy. I get it. But not showing me that sexy bod is grounds for being kicked out of the GF3.

But don’t worry–a Chris is still on top. Chris Pratt.  Read on.

#1 – Chris Pratt

I believe I said last time, when I introduced Pratt to my GF3, “I even found him adorable as a chubby Parks & Rec guy…but holy crap.”  I can find no fault with this guy. He’s just hilarious and wonderful and he can rap Eminem, he can French braid, he steals costumes to make kids smile, and he’s generally just an awesome guy. Oh, and he went full-frontal for Amy Poehler in Parks & Rec. Watch the video–totally worth it:


Also, you want to make a pregnant woman ache? Show her Chris Pratt with a baby. So achy. So hot.


So here’s to you, Chris Pratt. You’re my #1!

#2 – Mark Duplass

My husband made me start watching The League. At first, I thought, “I hate fantasy football.” And then I saw Mark Duplass – “Pete Eckhart” in the show. He’s hilarious. He’s beautiful. He’s witty. And apparently he’s very much like his character from The League in real life.  

Mark is the kinda guy that’ll give you his hoodie, then make sweet love to you. 🙂


2005 Sundance Film Festival - "The Puffy Chair" Portraits

#3 – Whit Wright (American Aquarium)

“Who?” you ask? Whit Wright is the steel guitarist from the band American Aquarium.  He’s rugged and shy and damnit can that man play a steel guitar in a way that will break your heart.

I have two funny stories about Whit.

The first time I saw American Aquarium was Tuesday, February 25, 2014 (6 days before I found out I was pregnant) at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland. Mike and I went on a whim after hearing the band and loving it. Poor Whit looked tired and drunk, and like he’d just taken a whore’s bath in the back bathroom–but he was still very cute, very charming. Mike caught me making drunk smiley eyes at him. I got him to smile back a few times. Then I stood like a creepy fan girl in the front row watching him make steel guitar noises.

The second time I saw Whit, Mike and I both knew that I was pretty volatile. It was June 28, 2014 at the House of Blues in downtown Cleveland. I was 4-5 months pregnant, so I’m pretty sure Whit wouldn’t have had me even if I had tried. We watched American Aquarium open for the Turnpike Troubadours and I held a purse in front of my belly the whole time for fear of deafening my fetus. Afterwards, during the Turnpike Troubadours, Whit happened to walk RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. It took me a second, but when I realized it was him, I ran my finger down his back like a creeper. I’m not sure he noticed, but my husband turned and looked at me like I was a complete nut bag. 🙂

Anyway, here’s Whit (who Mike said I can’t have in my GF3 because he’s way too accessible), but I’ve already stroked his back…so…  Hey Whit – call me!


(far left)





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