What Is A Guilt-Free 3?


All men and women (even those who are happily married–like me) deserve to have a Guilt-Free 3.

But what is a Guilt-Free 3?

A Guilt-Free 3 is a group of 3 men or women that you find attractive and that your significant other must give you a “free pass” on if you should ever encounter any of these individuals.   For me, they’re the ones that make my ovaries explode:

But there are some rules:

  • The Guilt-Free 3 must consist of famous people–actors, singers, professional athletes, etc.
  • They must not be people you encounter on a regular basis.
  • You can change your Guilt-Free 3 anytime you want…but you must notify your significant other that there has been a change.  Additionally, this change cannot be prompted by circumstance.  For instance, I cannot change my Guilt-Free 3 to include Jon Bon Jovi just because he’s going to be playing a concert at the Q in Cleveland and because I got tickets.  
  • Finally, and this is very important, you should NEVER really cheat on your significant other!  Your Guilt-Free 3 is strictly for entertainment purposes only. 🙂

Send Me Your Guilt-Free 3


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