Guilt-Free 3 – Matt Sp.’s Edition


I’m super excited that the Guilt-Free 3 is gaining speed again.  One of my newest coworkers decided to submit his GF3 PLUS a bonus “Man Crush GF3!”  I, for one, am excited, particularly about one of the men on his Man Crush GF3.  I will comment accordingly in italics.

#1 – Shantel VanSanten


#2 – Lindsey McKeon


#3 –  Mila Kunis


And now for Matt’s Men!

Man Crush #1 – Jensen Ackles

NICE. I haven’t seen him in a long time.


Man Crush #2 – James Franco

Part of me gets it, part of me doesn’t.


Man Crush #3 – Jason Segel

Yesssss. He’s adorable and wonderful and all the things a good man should be. Nice choice, Matt!

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