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Guilt-Free 3 – Local Celebrity Erika Lauren’s Edition!


I posed the Guilt-Free 3 question to my favorite afternoon radio show, The Alan Cox Show here in Cleveland, and Erika Lauren–one of the hosts–answered me!  Here is her Guilt-Free 3 (and boy are they yummy):

#1 – Ryan Gosling


#2 – Adam Levine


#3 –  Alex Pettyfer



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Guilt-Free 3 – Mike’s Spartacus Edition


My husband Mike has since decided he wants a Spartacus Guilt-Free 3.  Here they are!

#1 – Katrina Law – Mira

Spartacus Vengeance Gallery

#2 – Viva Bianca – Ilithyia


#3 – Gwendoline Taylor – Sibyl



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Guilt-Free 3 – Spartacus Edition


My friend Matt turned me on to Spartacus.  I then turned my husband on to it.  Because let’s be honest, there’s naked people everywhere and they’re all really attractive naked people and why the heck not?

There are so many attractive naked people, in fact, that I had a hard time just picking three.  But I did it, because I am a GF3 Master.

#1 – Andy Whitfield – Spartacus #1

Ready for sadness?  Andy Whitfield died after the first season of filming Spartacus of stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma leaving behind a wife and two kids.  With that said, his #1 ranking in this GF3 is a tribute to his awesomeness and his sexiness.  No one will ever be as good as Andy.


#2 – Dustin Clare – Gannicus

Gannicus is saucy, confident, and dirty in all the right ways.

Starz Contents

#3 – Brett Tucker – Publius Varinius

Brett Tucker played Publius Varninius–and he almost didn’t make the cut…until I saw him with stubble.

Starz Contents

And with the stubble?



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