Guilt-Free 3 – Unrequited Lover Edition

HeaderGF31-01One of those things that makes me weak at the knees is watching a man who is so insanely in love chase after a woman that he can’t have.

#1 – Noah Calhoun (The Notebook – Ryan Gosling)

Noah chasing after Allie, dangling from Ferris wheels and refinishing a house even though she’s not there.  COME ON.

Noah Calhoun

#2 – Pacey Witter (Dawson’s Creek – Joshua Jackson)

Pacey wanting Joey so badly and knowing that she’s Dawson’s holy grail…but being unable to stop himself.

Pacey Witter

#3 – Tristan Ludlow (Legends of the Fall – Brad Pitt)

Fall in love with your brother’s fiancee, Susannah Fincannon.  Sleep with her.  She waits for you, you kind of wait for her.  In the end, though, your love is magic until Susannah loses her shit (and so do you) and she ends up with the third brother.  Whore.  I still love you, Tristan.

Tristan Ludlow


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