Guilt-Free 3 – Greek Edition

HeaderGF31-01Nope, not Greek people.  I’m talking about the characters in Greek, the 6-season show about college students in the Greek system that ran on ABC Family.  I first watched this show while I was living down in North Carolina, and I fell in love with some of the characters.  Ready?

#1 – The Beaver (Aaron Hill)

There’s nothing better than a sexy dumb guy who can drink like a fish!

The Beaver - Aaron Hill

#2 – Cappie (Scott Michael Foster)

The hair, the eyes, the party-animal attitude, and the pure genius hiding under it all.

Cappie - Scott Michael Foster

#3 – Michael (Max Greenfield!!!)

Yes, everyone.  Schmidt was in Greek!  I’m just as excited as you are. 🙂  Therefore, he must make the list.

Michael - Max Greenfield__________________

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