Guilt-Free 3 – Weatherman Edition



There’s something sexy about good-looking men telling you about the weather…or maybe it’s because weather itself can be sexy?  Come on, tell me that thunderstorms don’t make you think of your Guilt-Free 3. 🙂

So here’s an nod to the sexiest weathermen that I could find.

#1 – Jim Cantore (The Weather Channel)

Jim, Jim, Jim.  The first time I saw you, I wanted to crawl into your arms and have you shield the back of my neck from flying tornado debris.  Now, I fear that you’d have to shield yourself from me.

Jim Cantore

# 2 – Rob Marciano (CNN)

Yes, I will stand in the path of a Twister with you and play with your tousled hair and hook my fingers in those double belt loops.  GREENAGE.

Rob Marciano

#3 – Adam Joseph (WPVI, Philadelphia)

You’re a bit of a pretty boy, but when your fake tan isn’t brighter than the Cancun sun, you’re pretty darn gorgeous, Adam.

Adam Joseph


Bonus!  Sexy weatherman who isn’t really a weatherman:  Bill Paxton

If you’re wondering why they call Billy “the Extreme,” it’s because Billy IS THE EXTREME!

Bill Paxton - Twister



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