Guilt-Free 3 – Danielle W.’s Edition


I’ve known Danielle W. since junior high, and it seems that we talk more and more as the years pass by.  I feel lucky to have gotten to know her better through these talks.  And now that I know her Guilt-Free 3, I’m sharing it with all of you!

Danielle W.’s Guilt-Free 3:

#1 – Channing Tatum

From Danielle: “I have always oohed and aahed over him and now that he has a baby and actually wears the baby in a wrap out in public (see photo) I love him even more. Gorgeous, gorgeous man.”

Channing Tatum

#2 – Josh Turner

From Danielle: “His stunning eyes and smile along with how deep his voice can get when he sings. Perfection. Plus he’s holding a penguin….how cute is that.”

Josh Turner

#3 – Mark Salling (aka “Puck” from Glee)

From Danielle:  “He has always been my favorite and when he has normal hair (not the mohawk he has in Glee) he’s even more gorgeous. Once again the eyes. Swoon!”

Mark Salling


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