Guilt-Free 3 – Chelsea’s Edition


I’ve never really understood my buddy Chelsea’s taste in…well, most anything. 🙂  She wears dinosaur onesies, gold lamé, and lots of animal prints.  And our taste is music overlaps only the slightest bit.  But when it comes to her Guilt-Free 3, I can see where she’s coming from!

Chelsea’s Guilt-Free 3:

#1 – Vince Vaughn

According to Chelsea, Vince Vaughn is “a tall glass of goof.”  He’s funny, but looks like he could throw you over his shoulder and have his way with you. Plus, he looks like the type of guy who it’d be okay to take home to Mom. 🙂

Vince Vaughn

#2 – Mark Hoppus

Who loves an immature punk skater boy that wears hoops in his nose and plays in a punk alternative band?  Chelsea does (and we all do a little–let’s not lie to ourselves).

Mark Hoppus

#3 – Johnny Depp in Cry Baby

Chelsea says, “He’s an ultimate bad boy greaser that makes you melt with just a glance…and that hair…  All men should have hair that gorgeous!”  I agree, Chels!

Johnny Depp - Cry Baby_____________

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