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Guilt-Free 3 – Weatherman Edition



There’s something sexy about good-looking men telling you about the weather…or maybe it’s because weather itself can be sexy? ¬†Come on, tell me that thunderstorms don’t make you think of your Guilt-Free 3. ūüôā

So here’s an nod to the sexiest weathermen that I could find.

#1 – Jim Cantore (The Weather Channel)

Jim, Jim, Jim. ¬†The first time I saw you, I wanted to crawl into your arms and have you shield the back of my neck from flying tornado debris. ¬†Now, I fear that you’d have to shield yourself from me.

Jim Cantore

# 2 – Rob Marciano (CNN)

Yes, I will stand in the path of a Twister with you and play with your tousled hair and hook my fingers in those double belt loops.  GREENAGE.

Rob Marciano

#3 – Adam Joseph (WPVI, Philadelphia)

You’re a bit of a pretty boy, but when your fake tan isn’t brighter than the Cancun sun, you’re pretty darn gorgeous, Adam.

Adam Joseph


Bonus! ¬†Sexy weatherman who isn’t really a weatherman: ¬†Bill Paxton

If you’re wondering why they call Billy “the Extreme,” it’s because Billy IS THE EXTREME!

Bill Paxton - Twister



Send Me Your Guilt-Free 3


Guilt-Free 3 – Danielle W.’s Edition


I’ve known Danielle W. since junior high, and it seems that we talk more and more as the years pass by. ¬†I feel lucky to have gotten to know her better through these talks. ¬†And now that I know her Guilt-Free 3, I’m sharing it with all of you!

Danielle W.’s Guilt-Free 3:

#1 – Channing Tatum

From Danielle: “I have always oohed and aahed over him and now that he has a baby and actually wears the baby in a wrap out in public (see photo) I love him even more. Gorgeous, gorgeous man.”

Channing Tatum

#2 – Josh Turner

From Danielle: “His stunning eyes and smile along with how deep his voice can get when he sings. Perfection. Plus he’s holding a penguin….how cute is that.”

Josh Turner

#3 – Mark Salling (aka “Puck” from¬†Glee)

From Danielle: ¬†“He has always been my favorite and when he has normal hair (not the mohawk he has in Glee) he’s even more gorgeous. Once again the eyes. Swoon!”

Mark Salling


Send Me Your Guilt-Free 3

Guilt-Free 3 – Kyle’s Edition



We have our second Guilt-Free 3 from a man, y’all! ¬†ūüôā ¬†My buddy Kyle was kind enough to send over his GF3. ¬†And Kyle informed me that there are different versions of “hot,” so without further ado, here you go:

Kyle’s Guilt-Free 3:

#1 – Emma Stone (“Red Head Hot”)

Emma Stone

#2 – Jennifer Lawrence (“Wild Hot”)

Jennifer Lawrence

#3 – Pink (“Crazy Hot”)




Send Me Your Guilt-Free 3

Guilt-Free 3 – Secret Admirer Edition


Let’s be honest–we all have a Guilt-Free 3. ¬†Yes, even those of you who pretend to be so wildly devoted to your significant other that you would fangirl (or fanboy) all OVER the Brad Pitt if he walked into a room. ¬†It’s only natural to have a GF3!

So there are those that deny it, and those that are in a station/job/situation in their lives that they’d rather not publicly attach their name to their GF3–and that’s completely understandable. ¬†It just makes me happy that this mystery woman still wants to take part in the fun!

Here’s the GF3 of a wonderful woman who will remain nameless and void of any identifying characteristics…unless you know her really well and can identify her by her GF3. ¬† Cheers!

#1 – Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway

#2 – Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

#3 – Sean Connery

Sean Connery


Send Me Your Guilt-Free 3

Guilt-Free 3 – Chelsea’s Edition


I’ve never really understood my buddy Chelsea’s taste in…well, most anything. ūüôā ¬†She wears dinosaur onesies, gold lam√©, and lots of animal prints. ¬†And our taste is music overlaps only the slightest bit. ¬†But when it comes to her Guilt-Free 3, I can see where she’s coming from!

Chelsea’s Guilt-Free 3:

#1 – Vince Vaughn

According to Chelsea, Vince Vaughn is “a tall glass of goof.” ¬†He’s funny, but looks like he could throw you over his shoulder and have his way with you. Plus, he looks like the type of guy who it’d be okay to take home to Mom. ūüôā

Vince Vaughn

#2 – Mark Hoppus

Who loves an immature punk skater boy that wears hoops in his nose and plays in a punk alternative band? ¬†Chelsea does (and we all do a little–let’s not lie to ourselves).

Mark Hoppus

#3 –¬†Johnny Depp in¬†Cry Baby

Chelsea says, “He’s an ultimate bad boy greaser that makes you melt with just a glance…and that hair… ¬†All men should have hair that gorgeous!” ¬†I agree, Chels!

Johnny Depp - Cry Baby_____________

Send Me Your Guilt-Free 3

Guilt-Free 3 – Shannon’s Edition


I always love when people are intrigued by the Guilt-Free 3, and then they get excited, and what I love the most most most is when they send me their own GF3!

My friend Shannon send me her GF3 via Facebook last night, and I’m excited to add a little more sauce to the ole blog! ¬†Can we say tall, dark, and handsome? ¬†Hot damn.

Shannon’s Guilt-Free 3:

#1 – Robert Downey Jr.

Shannon’s had a thing for him since 1988–and who can blame her?

Robert Downey Jr.

#2 – Patrick Dempsey

This love affair started when Shannon saw¬†Can’t Buy Me Love

Patrick Dempsey

#3 – Justin Timberlake

And who’s to deny this one? ¬†Justin Timberlake gets better looking every damn day!

Justin Timberlake

Guilt-Free 3 – Jenny P.’s Edition


I knew that I could count on my dear friend Jenny to bring some classic beauty to this blog. The moment I introduced the concept of the Guilt-Free 3 to Jenny, she spouted off two of the following men. ¬†She’s never changed her mind…and who could blame her?

They don’t make men like they used to. ¬†They’re too…pretty now. ¬†And as Jenny said, “They don’t make pretty boys rugged anymore.” ¬†TRUTH

So here are the manly men of Jenny P.’s Guilt-Free 3:

#1 – Robert Redford (young)

Robert Redford

#2 – Paul Newman (young)

Paul Newman

#3 – Luke Perry (young)

Luke Perry

Oh thank God for sexy rugged men!

Guilt-Free 3 – Boyband Edition

I swear to this day that I hit puberty the very moment that I saw the “Quit Playing Games With My Heart” music video.

…sorry, I had to give myself a second. ¬†So this past weekend, I was riding around Columbus with my friend Kay listening to the my boyband mix (because that’s what we do) and I realized that we must be WAY more influenced by them than either of us would like to admit.

Perhaps the days of boyband mania hit at that perfect, pivotal point in our lives when everything was so easy and beautiful. ¬†Listening to the crooning teenage boys takes me back to a simpler, more innocent time…regardless of how un-innocent my thoughts were (see previous video).

So here’s an ode to the boybands in the form of a Guilt-Free 3…but I’m going to have to do this in two parts – the way I felt in 2000 and the way I feel in 2014. ¬†Because honestly…well, you’ll see. ¬†To keep things simple, I’m going to include only the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, and 98 Degrees.

2003 Guilt-Free 3 – Boyband Edition

#1 – Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys)

I feel wildly embarrassed about this…but I can still justify it in my head. You see, Nick Carter (in his bowl cut glory days) was everything I wanted in a man. ¬†EVERYTHING. ¬†The squeaky voice, the innocence, those eyes, and of course his hair.

Nick Carter

#2 – J.C. Chasez (N’Sync)

I couldn’t get into Ramen-noodle head Timberlake…so I went with the next best thing.

J.C. Chasez

#3 – Nick Lachey (98 Degrees)

He was cute, and he put up with Jessica Simpson…which means he could probably put up with me.

Nick Lachey

2014 Guilt-Free 3 – Backstreet Boy Edition

#1 – Kevin Richardson (Backstreet Boys)

I’ve grown up to realize that Kevin Richardson is mothertrucking HOT. When I was younger, I just thought of him as Brian’s boring older cousin…but now? ¬†Yes, give me Kevin. ¬†It’s the hair, the eyes, and the goatee.

Kevin Richardson

#2 – Justin Timberlake (N’Sync)

Bye bye, Ramen-head! Hello, Justin.

Justin Timberlake

#3 – Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees)

Um…he’s stripping now? ¬†In Vegas? ¬†I’m behind that career move.

Jeff Timmons

Guilt-Free 3 – Jessica F.’s Edition


Time for another installment of one of my friend’s Guilt-Free 3! ¬†Jessica F. is a lovely woman down in North Carolina that I had the pleasure of teaching when I was in grad school at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. ¬† And, woo-hoo buddy, I definitely approve of her choices.

#1 – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

From Jessica: ¬†JGL is indie perfection. ¬†I mean I don’t talk about him unless there are three letters involved, and if you don’t know what those three letters are, well we have a problem. Not only is he beautiful, but he’s talented. His early work is just as brilliant¬†as his later films, such as Brick, and 500 Days of Summer of course, but he’s also a humanitarian, has an amazing singing voice, is a director, wrote and directed Don Jon, and is coming out with his own experimental TV show.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

#2 – “The Gosling” (Ryan Gosling)

From Jessica: ¬†The Gosling because, my God, he is perfection. He too like JGL, chooses indie films, and in most of them he doesn’t even speak; he just is there and his aura is more than enough to get a point across, i.e. Drive, The Place Beyond The Pines, and Only God Forgives. But he’s also sweet and sensual in Lars and The Real Girl, and even though it was a Nicholas Sparks film, I only watch the parts of The Notebook with him in it. Also, Crazy Stupid Love. That body. He also can sing as well starting off in The Mickey Mouse Club.

INTERJECTION FROM YOUR GF3 GURU: ¬†Have you ever watched the extended/deleted booty scenes of¬†The Notebook?¬†They’re better than the whole move put together.

Ryan Gosling

#3 – Brendon Urie

From Jessica: ¬†Brendon Urie is an amazing singer and songwriter…

Brendon Urie


And also because of this:

Guilt-Free 3 – New Jersey Edition


There’s been a lot of “Jersey” in the air lately.

Significant enough for me to come up with a Jersey Guilt-Free-3! ¬†I think I’ve discovered that I have a thing for white t-shirts… ¬†This could be a problem. ¬†JERSEY FOR LIFE–but no guidos.

#1 – Jon Bon Jovi (he’s a classic!)

#2 – Albie Manzo (I just want to rescue him.)

#3 – The Gaslight Anthem (long live the white t-shirt!)